The Ravi is a compact heavy blanket that weighs in at approximately 8.5 lbs - which makes it heavier per square inch than any other weighted blanket on the market.  It's versatile and durable design makes it a perfect yoga prop & portable heavy blanket.  Made in South Carolina!



Ravi can be used to strengthen the body by loading extra weight into muscles during yoga poses. Traditionally yoga uses body weight and powerful postures to create strength.



Use the Ravi to facilitate calm by placing the weight on you, not to stretch, but to ground. Ravi helps balance upward energy and bring the body mind and emotions into a quieter and calmer place.



Ravi can be used to provide a focal point for Pranayama (breathing) practice.



Heightened Awareness by providing a focal point​. ​Increase your focus practice (medita​ti​on) Invites the body to calm making medita​ti​on prac​ti​ces more accessible​.




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