Integral Yoga Distribution The Cleansing Power of Yoga: Kriyas and other holistic detox techniques for health and wellbeing

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Swami Saradananda explains in this unique, coloured, illustrated book how removing stuck and toxic energy can have not just far-reaching physical benefits but also emotional and spiritual ones, from increased energy, clarity and focus to a stronger sense of connection with the people and world around you. 

Purification (saucha) is a central aim of all yogic practices – the first principle of self-discipline (niyama) in Patanjali’s eight-limbed approach – as the ancient yogis believed that impurities in our internal body adversely affect our state of mind and prevent the attainment of true contentment. And kriyas – little-known ancient yoga techniques designed to cleanse the body, mind and emotions – have far-reaching relevance in today’s society of over-consumption.
After a fascinating introduction, Swami Saradananda presents six main chapters of kriyas and other cleansing techniques relating to our five senses and the mind (which controls our senses), each with a specific aim: clarifying our vision in life (sight), enhancing our communication skills (sound), optimizing our energy and allowing us to breathe more deeply (smell), nourishing us and enhancing our capacity to ‘digest’ life (taste), enhancing our connection with others (touch), and simplifying our life and filling it with sublime thoughts (mind). Each chapter includes at least one yoga pose as well as a breathing exercise, mudra, mantra, cleansing chakra visualization and any more specific techniques relevant to optimal well-being in that area. The book then ends with a chapter of routines for a wide range of conditions, from physical complaints such as headaches or tinnitus, to emotional ones such as sadness, guilt and anger.The end result? Readers will end up with all the holistic detox tools they need to feel overall better, lighter, happier and healthier in their own skin.

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