Ingram Happiness Sutra: How to Live a Heroic Life

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Stress is the number one nemesis of health, happiness and success, with almost 1 in 3 adults now relying on medication to deal with depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and other stress-induced problems. Too many people are succumbing to chronic mental distress, serious stress-related illness like heart disease, and worse yet – the death of their dreams. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that, owing to rising levels of stress, by 2030 depression will be the leading cause of illness and disability worldwide, a greater cause of anguish than heart disease, cancer or diabetes. 
In The Happiness Sutra, doctor of medical psychology and board-certified clinical hypnotherapist Dr. Rick Levy shows the reader how to trounce stress without medication in a few weeks using mind-body medicine, and he maps out the ultimate stress management strategy, showing the reader how to tap the hidden power of their own mind to lead a happy, healthy, fearless and productive life in pursuit of their dreams. 
“Your potential is limitless because the power of your mind is infinite” is Dr. Levy’s credo, and in The Happiness Sutra he provides concrete tools, including his signature audio methods, that readers can use to prove it to themselves, virtually overnight. A medical breakthrough based on 40 years of research and clinical practice in mind-body medicine and brain bio-physics, The Levy Methods combine clinical hypnosis, meditation and mental focusing procedures into unique audio protocols. Known for their ease of use – all the user does is close their eyes and listen – the Levy Methods deliver profound and immediate physical, mental and spiritual benefits, and the insight and power needed to succeed in an increasingly complex world. 
The Happiness Sutra is Dr. Levy’s roadmap to a stress-free, successful, happy life lived in pursuit of a large destiny – a heroic life, lived without limits.

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