Japa Mala Blue Crazy Lace Agate + Silver Full Mala

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Blue crazy lace agate is a cooling and calming stone that is said to create inner peace, patience, grace and lightheartedness. This healing stone is known to relieve emotional pain and strengthen the heart center.

Silver attracts, enhances and stores the energies of gemstones, and it removes any negative energy from them as well.

Blue Crazy Lace Agate and Silver Full Mala is individually handcrafted using high-quality natural materials so some slight variations in bead size, color, markings and shape is expected and reflects the unique and organic beauty of each mala.

This beautiful handcrafted mala is traditionally used for japa meditation (counting repetitions of prayers of Sanskrit mantras) but can also be worn as spiritual jewelry to receive the energetic effects of the stones. Wearing and using your mala beads also serves as a reminder to act in accordance with your intentions and spiritual values.

Approximate Circumference: 27″
Bead Size: 6mm & 8mm

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