Japa Mala Japa Mala - Serpentine + Ocean Jasper

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Serpentine restores self-confidence, dispels fear and strongly enhances meditation. It is also said to stimulate success in all endeavors as well as to promote courage, fortitude, and well-being.

Ocean jasper teaches us responsibility and patience, as well as how to love ourselves and others. This calming stone helps regulate breathing for meditation and harmonizes all of the chakras. (Please note: ocean jasper varies widely in color and marbling patterns.)

This beautiful handcrafted mala is traditionally used for japa meditation (counting repetitions of prayers of Sanskrit mantras) but can also be worn as spiritual jewelry to receive the energetic effects of the stones. Wearing and using your mala beads also serves as a reminder to act in accordance with your intentions and spiritual values.

Approximate Circumference: 31"
Bead Size: 8mm & 6mm

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