Little Book of Confidence: Jeffers

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As part of Susan Jeffers' Little Books collection, The Little Book of Confidence is diminutive in size, but packed full of Susan's wisdom, inspiration and encouragement. Written in such a way that even the busiest of people can benefit, each individual page contains wonderful counsel and advice in response to problems and fears that we encounter in our lives. Take it with you on your phone or tablet. Keep it on your computer so that you can quickly and easily access Susan's guidance, and experience a little zing of inspiration. This powerful little book delivers assurance, self-reliance and the important message that you can handle anything that comes your way.

The Little Book of Confidence is filled with encouraging thoughts and ideas that will help you navigate and thoughtfully manage the world around you. No matter what your fears, such as making difficult decisions, speaking in public, or letting go of consequences, Susan's words will remind you to trust in yourself.

Need a little confidence every now and then? How about reading "Action Makes the Fear Go Away" or "Each Step Takes You Forward." A tiny single page will teach you that you must "Pat Yourself On The Back," "Make Others Feel Loved" and "Risk Rocking the Boat." Read a random page or the whole thing front-to-back when facing your biggest fears. Susan will reassure you to trust that all is happening perfectly.

The Little Book of Confidence is Susan's valuable gift to you in the smallest of packages. It is a great gift to share with friends, family and even colleagues. Give it to those you love or those needing confidence, and share the inspiring words of courage and choice that lead to happiness and fulfillment. No matter what your fears, insecurities or challenges, this mighty little book is an oft-needed reminder that you have the power and love within you to create all you will ever need in life.


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