Mudra: The Sacred Secret

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Mudra-The Sacred Secret is likely the most comprehensive presentation yet available in the field. The variety of mudras and the explication of their usage are quite extensive, providing an abundance of approaches for the reader to explore for years to come. It reflects a deeper understanding of Yoga than most of the available literature in the field.

The book shares authentic information with simple scientific explanation about the ritual of Mudras. Indu Arora embarks on a journey to discover the esoteric history and meaning of Mudra, their profound spiritual effect and their therapeutic application. The book explores the theories from ancient to modern, from religious and secular culture, from art, literature, dance and medicine to elucidate the science of Mudra. The book itself is art, and the philosophical and practical wisdom gathered provides an insightful reference for students of Yoga and other spiritual traditions. Each murda is beautifully illustrated. The body is the best instrument for spiritual practice, and mudra is the most visible expression of a deep impression left on the soul (the original meaning of mudra also includes stamp, seal or impress). Written with clarity and purpose, this book addresses the beginner and the experienced yoga practitioners, giving multifaceted material to satisfy every level of learner. It is a must-have addition to any library for those interested in both personal practice as well as yoga as therapy. 

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