Ravi Ravi Weighted Blanket - Blue Sky

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RAVI is a Compact and Portable weighted blanket.  The versatile patent pending design is perfect for using as a yoga prop, relaxing on the couch and calming the nervous system.
RAVI comes in 3 Weights/Sizes.
  • Yoga RAVI is 8.5lbs in a Square shape ~22″ x 23″
    perfect for sitting, laying and yoga practice + calming on the couch, mediation…
  • Calm RAVI is 7.5lbs in a Square shape ~14.5″ x 31″
    perfect for sitting, meditation and calming
  • Hug RAVI is 4.5lbs in a Square shape ~14.5″ x 22″
    perfect for kids, seniors and those of us that prefer a lighter touch
RAVI have all the benefits of weighted blankets in a compact and portable package.
  • calming
  • meditation
  • sitting for relaxation
  • insomnia
  • concentration
  • travel
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