Essential Yoga Therapy The Essential LowBack Program

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Thirty-one million Americans suffer from low back pain. There is hope though. The Essential Low Back Program offers clinically proven relief. Seventy-eight percent of the participants of a recent National Institute of Health study who followed The Essential Low Back Program experienced a significant reduction in their pain levels in just twelve weeks. In addition, they gained lifelong tools to help keep their backs strong and restore their overall well-being. Nationally renowned yoga therapist Robin Rothenberg designed The Essential Low Back Program for everyone, regardless of body type or previous yoga experience. The program consists of five developmental yoga practices that are thoroughly explained and illustrated in the accompanying booklet. Readers can use the CDs and booklet separately or in conjunction with each other for ease of learning. Robin’s explanations take the guesswork out of finding the appropriate body positions and provide a safe way to learn to relax, stretch, and strengthen the lower back.

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