The Language Of Yin: Harris

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'The Language of Yin' is more than a book on themes. It is a comprehensive guide to becoming the type of teacher that inspires and moves people beyond the skin and bones. 

Starting with some proven techniques for teaching, the book moves into setting the beginning scenes to connect students to their practice. The book then presents over 40 universal themes that will provide inspiration for both you and your students.

Long after the poses have faded, the students will remember how you made them feel using the descriptive and connected language provided. 

Each class has three categories; mind, heart and body. These categories define, embellish and connect the poses to the heart and soul, making the themes relatable and exciting. 

In this book you will find;

♥ The eight limbs, wisdom traditions, deities and chakras

 ♥ Ayurveda and Yoga Nidra

 ♥ A comprehensive resource of pick up and go sequences for teaching or home practice

 ♥ Yoga sequences that can be adapted to any style of yoga

 ♥ Scripts and readings to embellish your lessons or for personal contemplation

 ♥ Quotes that are meaningful and thought provoking

 ♥ A guide to planning and teaching your classes so they flow effortlessly

 ♥ Essential yin methodology and pedagogy

 ♥ Basic techniques for guiding a yin class

 ♥ Meditation scripts including yoga Nidra 

 ♥ Easy to follow, photocopiable graphics for quick class planning

 ♥ Pranayama, mudra and mantra

Wherever you are in your practice, this book will provide you with many ways to motivate and inspire you or your students and ultimately your life. 

Suitable for:

★Any yoga teacher who wants to bring more depth to their teaching

★Home practitioners who want to have laid our sequences they can follow with ease, just set your timer!

★Those who want to understand how to incorporate some of the most useful yoga philosophy ideas into their class or their life

★Those new to teaching yin and seasoned practitioners

If you are on the run to teach a yoga class and need a shot of inspiration or you would like to fully explore the practice of yoga in more depth, this easy to use resource will inject a shot of inspiration into your practice and ultimately your life.

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