Ingram The Yogi Entrepreneur: A Guide to Earning a Mindful Living Through Yoga

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Many yoga teachers are great at teaching but often struggle with the business of yoga. Finding a balance between sharing yoga with the world and running an ethical business can be challenging. The Yogi Entrepreneur is the definitive manual on starting and growing a yoga business. Whether you are an established teacher looking to expand your student base, a new teacher fresh out of yoga teacher training, or simply considering signing up for your first yoga certification course - this book is for you.

The Yogi Entrepreneur offers chapters on becoming a yoga teacher, marketing and branding, ethics, leading retreats and workshops, developing a Wordpress website, managing social media like Twitter and Facebook, and many other important skills for success as a teacher or yoga studio owner. With scores of resources, low-cost marketing tips, and time-saving tools, this book is a yoga teacher's toolbox.

The Yogi Entrepreneur has been used in hundreds of teacher training programs around the world and has helped thousands of yoga teachers to find their audience, define their brand, and share their unique approach to yoga more effectively. Whether your teaching is rooted in more traditional styles of yoga like Iyengar, Kripalu, and Integral or in more contemporary disciplines such as Forrest, Bikram, Baptiste, and Anusara yoga, the simple and straightforward tools outlined in this book will help you to reach your true potential as a yoga teacher.

If you are ready to jump-start your yoga and meditation business, then look no further!

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