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Learn to increase core strength, improve flexibility, and have better health with this guide!

Do any of these descriptions fit you?


Athletic and looking for a way to stay fit in the off season?

Super busy with stress overload and no time to exercise?

Over or underweight and embarrassed about joining a gym?

Not into team or competitive sports?

Physically unable to do many forms of exercise due to disability or injury

Lacking in core strength and flexibility?


Yoga for Men - A Beginners Guide To Core Strength, Flexibility and Better Health is written specifically for men who have had little or no experience with yoga.

Why create a yoga book just for men?
Many men think yoga is only about easy flowing movements and spiritual chanting. Some may see it as something that "real men" don't do as it is a girly thing. However yoga was "invented" by men thousands of years ago. It's only in recent decades that it has become synonymous with women but the balance is shifting again. Now it is not uncommon to see huge footballers in a yoga class doing spine twists and lunges.

The fact is that men and women are built differently (no surprises there) so their main physical concerns are often different. This book shows how yoga can address all of these concerns and much, much more.

It includes:

A brief summary of the styles of yoga and tips on finding the style that best suits you

Easy to follow explanations of the main yoga principles

Advice on how yoga can benefit you both physically and mentally

Practical tips for getting started and creating your own routines

Photos and step by step descriptions of every pose

A run-down on the basic poses and sequences

Separate chapters featuring ways to improve balance, get firmer abs and legs and decrease back pain, increase hip flexibility and sexual performance, release tension, reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol, improve mental focus and clarity and also to chill out and learn to relax properly.

Once you read this book and start practicing yoga regularly you will soon see what a difference it can make in your life and you'll wonder why you hadn't begun earlier. 

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