Ingram Yoga for Recovery: Transformation Yoga

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This book is a resource for developing a trauma-sensitive yoga practice to support anyone in recovery or seeking personal growth.  This guide provides a partial approach for developing a complete yoga and mindfulness practice, including breathing techniques, mindful movement, and meditation. With helpful tools for dealing with stress, tension, addiction, and anxiety, this book is for people who would otherwise not have access to yoga, or who would like to continue their practice outside of a studio setting. Presented in a straightforward manner using proven methods compatible with a variety of recovery programs, we offer a chair yoga practice, a gentle practice, and an intermediate practice. 

The Transformation Yoga Project serves people who are impacted by trauma, addiction, and incarceration, through trauma-sensitive, mindfulness-based yoga programs driven by education and research. Our highly-trained instructors offer a breath-centered yoga practice based on proven methods to decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression, activate the relaxation response, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress. We facilitate classes and workshops in residential treatment centers, PHP and IOP programs, recovery residencies, collegiate recovery clubs, alternative high schools, detention centers, prisons, and through community partners.

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