The Yoga Handbook by Stephanie Keach (200 TT)

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This is the only book of it's kind, loaded with information and inspiration for teachers and those serious about a home practice. This 240 page reference book contains over 260 photographs in it's extensive asana gallery. It is the only book on the market to give photos and details of the variations of 70 main poses. There are many tips and treasures you wont find anywhere else. Take a look at the wide encompassing table of contents below. Some of the gems include: A great question and answer section, developed from Stephanie's years of both teaching regular classes and teacher training programs. Class or practice sequencing, where you will find a variety of example classes, with many special cases considered, such as pregnancy yoga, elderly yoga, children's, power Yoga, etc.., and how to sequence sessions yourself. An ailment and injury chart of over 120 physical conditions listed with their recommended poses and contraindications as well. The business of Yoga section is great for anyone considering opening a center or just trying to make a living teaching. The three appendixes are loaded with valuable information such as props and equipment sources, newsletters, teacher listings, on-line resources. Insurance, an extensive bibliography and recommended reading list, and a Sanskrit glossary as well. Plus loads more...

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